tropeanoEvelyn and Piero Tropeano
The Tropeanos are honored to welcome you and your families to our newest venture, “The Big Italian.”

Our menu features our signature classic Southern Italian fare with a little New York twist and attitude.

Our founder, Piero, was born in Avellino, Naples, the same town in Italy where the Sopranos originated.

Piero was raised in the Bronx, N.Y. around 187th and Arthur Avenue near Little Italy.

Evelyn, his wife and co-founder, was born in Manhattan, N.Y. and is considered THE BOSS.

While in the big apple, Piero founded Starling Pizza. Eventually, we moved to Connecticut to raise our family while operating several other restaurants.

There we founded Napoli Pizza, Firenze Pizza, Tropeano #1 and Tropeano #2.

Looking to wear shorts all year round we moved to sunny California.

Here we are the original founders of New York Pizza Kitchen in Napa and Fairfield, and Parry’s Pizzeria in American Canyon, Evelyn’s Big Italian here in Fairfield, Big Italian Pizza in Vallejo and Evelyn’s Big Italian in Vacaville.

We hope you make yourselves at home and chow down.

Grazie! The Tropeano Family